NEW! …Successful European Film Series



Take award-winning European television series, transform them with American-style re-voicing and state-of-the-art sound work, match the right shows with the right buyers and you have the recipe for success!

Ex-MPAA prez Jack Valenti once told European producers: “You want to sell your programs in the US? Dub them!”

Nailed it, Jack. But what you didn’t say was that there’s a huge difference between regular dubbing-and we all know what that looks like-and excellent dubbing, a combination of writing, acting and sound work that makes the public think they’re watching television Made in USA.

In Addition “ALDO MORO” – The Kidnapping

The only way to get that degree of perfection is to take the time it takes: a precisely written lip-synch adaptation is where it all starts. From there, top voice talent keeps the acting fresh and alive-sometimes even better than the original. The results are put into frame-perfect synch and now you have hours of audience-grabbing TV for a fraction of network production costs.
After years of searching, we discovered only one company in the US that gives this kind of results-we were blown away when we saw what they do.

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